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We start off by identifying the purpose of the work you want done and your target audience. Everything we plan and do from then on is aimed at achieving that purpose and aligning you with your target audience.

We combine the visual design, the user interface and the content to create your brand and communicate your value. At every stage of our work, there is a continuous non-stop quality control.

Customers and trends are constantly evolving. In recognition of this, we can help you grow, evolve and constantly improve the product or service delivery mechanism.

Our Disciplines are 100% Adaptable & User Focused

Strategy and Build

We always start with a solid plan and chart a course of action. Without a plan, it will take forever and will be painful. At Marketing Academy Group we avoid that.

Amazing Backend Development

Marketing Academy Group is more than just a bunch of good code slingers. We design with our hearts and mind using a high level of intelligence and always keeping the end-user in mind.

User Interface Design

A good user interface design does not happen by accident. Design, navigation and content need to come together in a beautiful way to make it happen.

100% Sell More, Worry Less

Browsing for great deals and reviews even while in your online store has become a part of the modern-day online shopper. We get it, and it’s crazy which is why we use research data and collaboration to help us engineer systems that will improve conversion rates and retain customers.

Our Services

Consulting Academy

Consulting Academy Will Show You The Secrets How To Leverage What You Know As A Highly Paid Coach And Consultant To Make Potentially $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year (Or Even More) With This Simple 3 Step Funnel

Business Processing

Business Processing: Been there done that! Ultra-low fees apart; over the years our BPO staffs has done almost every imaginable job. Talk to us today.

Online Store Management

Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba (to name just three); from setting up to running it efficiently and profitably for you including answering customer queries.

Social Media Marketing

Daftly pushing your product or service, brand building, brand repairing, engaging your consumers and building brand loyalty. Our expertise in social media marketing is second to none. We are highly effect. Call us today!

Lead Generation

The custom software we use also incorporates social collaboration and plugs-in “the wisdom of the crowd” data into its powerful lead management engine.

SEO Plans

Welcome to the most flexible Search Engine Optimization plans. We have plans for the absolute fresh business and plans for boosting your page rank. We have plans for marketing all or selected products or services or better still, just call us today and tell us what you need.

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