About us

Marketing Academy Group PTY LTD is an Australia company. It has formed a partnership with EPHP solutions. EPHP solutions were incorporated in 2007. They are a global Information Technology company committed to empowering local and global business enterprise transformation. Together Marketing Academy Group and EPHP solutions can deliver a world class product in a cost effective manner.

Marketing Academy Group offers its clients a comprehensive basket of web based solutions that include Consulting, Website services, Content, Content Management, BPO services and Mobile App services.

Due to time difference and low operating costs of being located in India, EPHP Solutions is uniquely positioned to address the technological and cost efficiency requirements of a variety of industry verticals, predominantly located in developed countries. In fact, EPHP Solutions has a strong client presence in the US, Europe and Australia.

The Company also focuses on value added services such as analytics services, business intelligence, data management services, U.S. compliance, application development & maintenance, consulting and BPO offerings.

Core Values include Innovation and Flexibility :

Whatever is the client requirement – even if the product is not traditionally part of what we are offering, the company will innovate and reinvent itself if necessary, so it can deliver a product or service that is to the complete satisfaction of its client.

Insight :

In this age of acute competition, businesses are always on the lookout for improvement usually in the form of better delivery mechanism at lower costs. The management team at Marketing Academy Group constantly studies the market, technology and consumer trends. More often than not, they are ready with a product or service before the businesses begin to demand for it. Marketing Academy Group is always ahead of the market.

Quality Policy :

The official mantra posted on the wall at Marketing Academy Group says it all, “Deliver more than and better than expected”.

Almost every customer has given our company a 5-Star feedback. In a highly competitive environment, a 5-star feedback does not happen by luck; it happens because we have a built-in stringent quality loop at every stage of a project. No work or product is released to the client until it surpasses our own internal quality check. But more than policy, it is their staff's state of mind and willingness to exceed expectations that make this company a winner.

Why Choose Us

1 We have the Best Consulting Business Model for anyone.
Whatever your need, we will deliver and take your business to the next level.
2 Accountability & Communication
You will find we accept responsibility with ease and communicate equally well.
3 Professionalism
Our approach and our products meet the highest standards in the world.
4 Cost Advantage
Our location presents us with a unique cost advantage competitors.
5 We Care
Our customer has to be happy period!
6 Experience
With years of experience, whatever your need; we will deliver quickly and efficiently.
7 Flexible
Tell us what you need and we will modify our plan; even the way we work to suit your requirement.
8 Size Advantage
We are small enough to care and offer competitive pricing while big enough to deliver on expertise.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of Marketing Academy Group to combine strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best value for consumers.
Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers.