How to Provide Consistent Traffic To Your Website

Until Marketing Academy Group arrived at the scene, a lead meant a name, email and sometimes a phone number. The sales team sent out emails or made cold calls in the firm belief that these people were interested in their product or service. Little surprise then, that the actual sales generated through these so called leads were rarely more than 0.001%

Competition being what it is these days, sales departments in all businesses is under increasing pressure to deliver results. Unfortunately, the quality of leads left much to be desired and often failed to register even a blip on the sales radar.

Often the marketers in the sales department themselves attempt to generate leads by designing forms and customer feedback that successfully generate lots of leads except; the results were again shocking poor. So what was going wrong with lead generation and lead intelligence?

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If a customer purchased (say) a mobile phone and filled a feedback form stating that he or she liked that particular brand or something along those lines, this was considered as a good lead. But if we stop to think about it, the question that pops up is; how likely is that person to buy another mobile phone in say next few days or weeks or even months? Therefore, post-purchase feedback forms (except perhaps for groceries); rarely if ever generate any actionable lead intelligence.

Professional lead generators traditionally generated millions of ultra-low quality leads that cost more in sales follow-up than they return in conversions.

The situation for the B2B leads is even worse. The prospect’s industry, job title, name, phone and email are presented as the ultimate gold mine. Never mind that when contacted the prospect says they already have a similar product and have no intention of buying more in the near future – at least not until the existing product is discarded.

One of the best places the Marketing Academy Group gets its actionable lead intelligence from interests. If a person shows interest in a particular product and agrees that they might want to buy it in the near future; well than, isn't that the best type of lead – one that is almost certainly likely to result in a sale?


The other place Marketing Academy Group generates its leads from, is by gathering data from online “Potential Buyer Lists”. Would you agree that a person transferring a product from a shopping basket to the potential buyer list is only temporarily putting off the purchase and that this person is extremely like to buy that item in the near future?

The lead experts at Marketing Academy Group look at customer behaviour to identify actionable leads. They also have a strong believe that the customer does not mind telling us whether he or she is likely or not to buy a particular product or service. The prospects behaviour too is highly suggestive and helps deliver highly accurate actionable leads.

Unlike other lead generators, by shifting from an exclusive focus on demographic data to a blend of behavioural data, Marketing Academy Group can get leads that are less expensive to pursue and more likely to end in a sale.

Most marketing campaigns only deliver raw data disguised as leads. This is usually collected via registration or feedback forms. Marketing Academy Group on the other hand; feels that interests, Potential Buyer Lists, shopping cart actions are true gold mines of actionable leads.

In an effort to generate sales, the marketers send the lead data to the sales department. When the sales team is flooded with non-qualified leads, they have no way of knowing which are genuine and so they spend days making cold calls or send out emails which get marked as junk.

The formulae that anyone who fills out a form is a “lead” are not correct! The Marketing Academy team takes a more conservative stance on leads and so when they provide you a list of actionable leads, you can bank on those leads but each one of them is a genuine lead. Consequently, your sales team will spend very little time chasing duds. There will still be some “duds”?

Unfortunately, 'dud leads' cannot be eliminated. Prospects often change their mind - a prospect might decide to not buy the house or car because they need the money for something else. It happens but the procedure followed by Marketing Academy Group ensures that the percentage of such duds will be small.

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