How to Recharge your Blog

It usually begins in a corporate meeting. The senior executives give you an added responsibility – to blog on behalf of the company and help indirectly boost sales or corporate brand image or whatever. You have perceived as someone with implacable writing skills and have a good grasp on the subject of the blogs. At that point in time you have a lot of enthusiasm. Your bosses have spoken highly of you and you feel you can deliver and once again prove your worth.

You start in earnest with your journalistic and artistic juices flowing. You write great blogs and continue to do so for several weeks. Then one morning it hits you – the response for your all efforts has been woefully inadequate. There are hardly any comments. You check the stats and find it even more disappointing. It seems only those who know you blog visited your blog site – initially and then perhaps even they forgot it existed. Pretty soon your enthusiasm begins to falter it shows in the quality and frequency of your writing. If you were posting twice a week to begin with, you are now posting once in two weeks and so on.

Lack of response equates to lack of encouragement, worse, your own seniors don’t mention your blog at all. Everyone seems to have forgotten it exists. What do you do? How do you popularize your blog? How do you get your seniors to once again shine their warmth on you?

Blog writing is not just about great writing skills or having a lot of friends that you can count on for reading your blogs.

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Recharge your blog – Begin with SEO

Folks will visit your blog only if they can find it. This means the search engines have to find your blog first. For that to happen, your blog has to be search engine friendly.  Imagine yourself writing on (say) some particular model cell phone. Throughout your blog you will not only have to mention the brand and model number, you will also have to use keywords such as mobile phone, smartphone, smart phone and so on. At least 5 to 8% of the total word count must be in the form of keywords that are used in sentences.  Only then will a search engine assume that the page in question has content about brand ‘x’, model ‘y’ cell phone, smart phone, smartphone, mobile phone.

I’ve read great blogs on mobile phone reviews that spoke volumes on the features in that particular mobile phone but mentioned the brand and model number only in the heading and none at all in the content. Search engines tend to discard such pages as irrelevant. The brand and model number should have been mentioned at least 5 or 6 times throughout the page. So recharge your blog by starting with a SEO review and incorporating keywords.

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Add a simple subscription form

If someone found your blog by accident, read and liked it, there is no guarantee that person will remember and revisit your blog. Make sure they do by offering them a free subscription that informs them whenever the next blog is posted.

Integrate Social Media into your subscription / comments form

A great way to recharge you blog is to integrate it with social media. A comment posted on your blog site can show up the person's social media page. This will be read by all his / her friends and more might visit your blog.

Post Frequently

Posting great blogs regularly like clockwork makes it easier for your subscribers to remember to visit your blog site.

Check your statistics and the comments

Great topics always receive a good response. This in turn will present you a good idea of what works and what does not. Strategize accordingly.


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