10 Tips To Get Good Ranking In Google

There are websites and then there are websites. The former sell some unique products or unique services and are easily ranked high on Google. The latter usually sell consumer products or some popular product or service and are more difficult to get a good rank in Google. We have put together 10 tips that will get you well on your way to a good ranking in Google.

Tip # 1: Identify your prospective customer and location!

Knowing who and where your customers are located goes a long way in identifying the keywords that you are going to use. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you might think your keywords are “property”, “units” and so forth. But real estate agents usually work at a local level so you need to add the city or locality you cover for example, “Deer park” or “Bayswater” or “Hallam” and so forth. Narrow it down as much as you can – you are not aiming for customers in the US of A.

Tip # 2: Do not convert titles and descriptions into art work.

If you insert “$200 units in Deer Park” as .jpg image, it might look nice and can easily be read by humans but not by search engines. As a result the search engine might have difficulty in figuring out what you’re providing. Also, graphics take more time to download. Use text as much as possible. You can alter the size and colour but text will it easier for Google to identify the service or product you are selling and rank you accordingly.

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Tip # 3: Add relevant text content.

In our example of the real estate agent, we note a vast majority of them rely on pictures to do the talking. If you have many units for rent or sale in say “Bayswater”, try adding a text description of the place, kind of population, markets, entertainment and so forth – things that would interest the prospective customer and also provide a “bite” for the search engines.

Tip # 4: Pay special attention to the Title and Description of the page.

If you right-click and look at the source of any web page, the first couple of lines will usually contain the title enclosed within the title tags i.e. <Title>Title of the page. Immediately </Title> somewhere below the title, you will see the Description. These two are your online shopping window that the customer sees and decides whether to click or give your site a miss.

Tip # 5: Get your business listed in Google Business Places.

Once you do that, add good information to it and then concentrate on getting your happy customers to write reviews and preferably upload photos. Google takes into account the quality of feedback your business receives. It assumes that a prospective net user will be happier to click on links that have received 5-Star feedbacks.

Tip # 6: Difficult to add content? Try adding a blog section!

Some websites e.g. automobile spares – the only content are pictures of the spare parts with their part numbers and maybe brand model of the vehicle. It is very difficult for Google or any search engine to make sense of out this. So adding a blogging section to your site with “how to" blogs will go a long way in getting you a good rank in Google.

Tip # 7: Concentrate on your best products or services.

You might be selling a lot of products or services. Identify which are “hot” items and concentrate on those in terms of keywords. Once the prospective customers arrive, they will anyway find your other products.

Tip # 8: Use your head not software.

Nothing beats the human mind – at least not yet. Figure out your keywords yourself. Avoid like plague software that promises to find the best keywords for your website. None of this keyword software is worth the space they occupy.

Tip # 9: Title your links.

Make sure all your links have a description added to them because Google as well as humans rely on these descriptions to figure out the content at the other end of the link.

Tip # 10: Avoid Shortcuts!

You will find SEO companies offering top ranking with 3 days (or less). Now unless it is the CEO of Google offering you these services, stay clear of such quacks.

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