5 Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

Every website open to general public exists to be seen and read – it is the whole purpose of its being. The chances of a  person coming across a website of a small business that has had no search engine optimisation (SEO), is infinitesimally small – unless of course, the website is selling a totally unique product and chances of that happening are just as small.

Once a website is uploaded and made available to the general public, it becomes one of the millions of websites on the net – each hankering for attention. To  get attention, a website too needs to have a 'personality' – it needs to stand out amongst other websites. The small business website needs to be beautiful especially from navigation, content arrangement and adequacy of content. Such websites if search engine optimised, stand a good chance of yielding excellent results for their owner.

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For the uninitiated, search engine optimisation is doing everything technically and ethically possible to attract the attention of the search engines. So when someone searches for a product or service that a small business sells, its website is near the top amongst those listed by the search engine. Here then are the 5 benefits of SEO for Small Businesses.

Benefit # 1: Most Cost-effective way of getting business.

The alternative to SEO is advertisement. But small businesses can seldom carry out long sustained advertisements. Cost-effectiveness and economics are the hallmark of small business and an SEO effort will bring in long-term sustained gains without having to pay per click and so forth.

Benefit # 2: SEO is the great neutraliser.

Since small businesses cannot compete with larger ones in advertising. The only way they can even the score to attract customers, is by having and an excellent SEO job done. In SEO, it is the skill of the SEO professional that counts and not the size of the SEO company.

Benefit # 3: Let your SEO feed your rating and vice versa!

Excellent SEO bring in lots of traffic to your website. A happy customer would be more agreeable to giving you a good 5-Star feedback which you can received at your Google Business Pages. Great feedback scores  enhances your search engine rating giving your small businesses more visibility. The good feedback score is seen by prospective customers and associated with good quality and service leading to even more business.

Benefit # 4: Your SEO powered Feedback Scores add traction to your Facebook page.

Small businesses that have excellent feedback scores are well received by fans at Facebook and Twitter which in turn only feeds into your website visibility and SEO score.

Benefit # 5: Small Businesses equals “local” content, products or service.

Excellent SEO allows you to leverage your local content especially via Google Local Business.

SEO is the secret weapon small businesses use to not only compete with the larger businesses, but often to out-smart them in the quest for business.

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