Best 10 Tips To Get More Customer Reviews In Google Local Business

Do reviews in Google Local Business really make a difference?

There's more than enough evidence to prove that good reviews in Google Local Business do make a lot of difference on how a prospective customer reacts. Even if your product is on average 10% more expensive than the nearest rival who happens to have no reviews or bad reviews, customer will head in your direction and won't mind paying the higher price tag provided you have a whole bunch of glowing 5-Star reviews.

So how to get more customer reviews in Google Local Business?

Google often has a convoluted way of doing things and we mere mortals of the business world, have to try and figure out if we can make the process easier for our customers.

Fortunately, we've done the “trying” for you and have put together a bunch of 10 of our best tips to get more customer reviews in your Google Local Business Page.

Tip # 1: Ask for a review!

It is said that even God will not help if you do not ask for a favour.

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Tip # 2: Create a “How to add your review” page.

Given that adding a review might not be as straight forward as we would like it to be, create a “How to” instruction page that anyone can understand in under one minute flat. Use screenshots to impart maximum information with minimal text.

Tip # 3: Create your link to your review page.

It will make the customer's job of providing a review much easier. A link is created by navigating to, logging out of (if logged in); search for your business, click on “Rate and Review” (or current equivalent). At this stage will request a login. Highlight and copy the URL from the Url Window. That's it! You can also do all these steps using a smartphone.

Tip # 4: Shorten the URL.

You will notice the URL you've copied from Google Local Business is large and ugly. We have a solution for that is to navigate to and paste the copied URL into the window provided at The outcome will be a very short URL that leads directly to your review page. Lastly paste this short URL into your desktop.

Tip # 5: Rewrite your thank you email

The email should include the above link to your review page on Google Local Business. Assuming your website automatically sends out a “Thank you” email after every purchase, edit this email and request for a review and conveniently provide the short link to your review page on Google Local Business.

Tip # 6: Send out another thank you email after every review.

Tip# 7: Acknowledge every review and respond to them.

Some may just need a “Wow, thank you” kind of response while other not so flattering reviews might need you to promise to look into it or promise better performance and so forth.

Tip# 8: If possible, reward every 5-Star review with a discount coupon.

Mention that the discount coupon has been emailed to the customer's email id. This in turn will encourage other customers of the verge of giving you a 3 or 4-star review to consider giving you a 5-star review.

Tip # 9: Entice your customer to do a bit more

Reviews with user uploaded photos work wonderfully well for the business. Entice your customer do upload a few or at least one photo of the product being opened, installed or used. You could entice them with words but an enticement with a discount coupon works best.

Tip # 10: Constantly review your Google Local Business Page.

Can it be improved? Is the information being provided clear enough? Don't forget to update it especially when you have a sale!

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