New Web Based Solutions For Your Business

A comprehensive web based solution or web based application does not necessarily start and end with a website. Allow us to explain.

With availability of high-speed internet, just about everything that your staff does using the office server and computer can be transferred to the web. All the databases, software, data files, presentations can be stored on the internet.

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You might wonder what is the benefit that this will bring to your business?

Imagine you have multiple offices spread across the State, Country or even Continents. If you need all your staff across all offices to use particular software, all you have to do is upload it to the net. Data that is securely stored online can be accessed by only authorised staff across all your offices in real-time.

You might think you can achieve the same through the humble, cost-free email. The email is good for sending regular texts and images. But what if you needed someone sitting in another office across the State, to view the output data chart being generated by software at your office – especially a constantly changing chart that you wanted the person to view in real time as you inserted fresh values? Exporting the chart, converting it into pdf and emailing is not just time-consuming, it is not the same thing as the other person accessing the same software, viewing the output and also contributing to the data that is fed in. This online collaboration between staff and offices was until recently, the stuff of science fiction.

All software on your server or most of it anyway, can be uploaded to an online server. Similarly, all data from all office too can be uploaded to the net based server. Your staff logs into the system using the internet and starts working – same as usual.

Difference here is that instead of each office having its own server, you now have one single net based server that can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. You won't have to carry files around. No more carrying large portable drives or dozens of CD's and pen-drives. In fact, all you will need is a tablet PC every software and data you need is available at your finger-tips; online. This kind of set up is called the Intranet – a closed or restricted private network. The FBI and similar policing agencies use this type of technology so all their staff have access to the same software and data – and they have this access in real-time.

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Imagine the amount of time and money saved in not having to install software in each and every office of your business. Also imagine the increase in efficiency with all offices having access to data and software in real-time.

Any custom software you need can be developed and uploaded to this intranet; a product dispatch software for example with product tracking or raw material inventory and so forth. With every office having access to the same software and data in real-time, they can make highly informed decisions leading to better productivity. Productivity is further enhanced because staff no longer have to export data, format it, convert it to PDF, email it  and so forth thus saving the company enormous amount of time that would otherwise have been spent in this non-productive activity.

A staff feeling sick and does not want to come to work today? No problem, the staff can be at home while still managing to get some work done – all because your staff has access to the software and data.

Comprehensive web based solutions also include application development for your clients. You could have an online support system to login support requests which would automatically be available to the support staff nearest the customer's address.

Free your business from being tied to a server physically located inside your office. Instead connect with the internet and be freed from physical constrains, save money, productivity and this will increase your profits to the next level.

Since web based solutions are coded using browser supported languages such as HTML, php etc, they can not only be accessed by the web browser, the applications can easily be maintained and overtime, upgraded by any service provider specialising in web based applications.

Your corporate website is just a small part of the many things that are possible. Imagine what YOU need and the team at Marketing Academy can deliver to your specifications be it a website or a custom web application. Take your business to the next level by simply calling Marketing Academy TODAY!

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