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Corporate branding is not just about design and pleasing colours – it is about identity. In fact, Corporate Identity Gurus rightly point out that; there's more to corporate identity than meets the eye.

Web design was and still is presumed to be about graphic design. Yes, there was a time until the recent past when this was true. Web designers tried to make the site as pretty as they could. There was a splash of colours and logo and pictures and let's not forget the animation.

Today, web design and the term “creative graphics” have both come a long way and more importantly, have come to mean something different. Yes, we still use creative graphics and colours but today we are more aware that the visitor does not come to the website to see how beautiful it is - they are not going to frame it. They visit the website either for information or to register or purchase something i.e. they visit the website because they think the website has something they need. They want to get to it as quickly as possible leave.

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The “design” element aspect of the website has undergone a revision. Today, the design process isn’t about making a website pretty – it’s about making the website highly functional and yet beautiful. Website design today is like a car that not only looks good but also has great features and an amazing engine.

Functionality” today has a whole new meaning. In terms of a website, functionality includes using graphics to improve customer experience. For example, menus that have a lovely colour scheme and one that is reactive to the customer choice. These colours that enhance the text and do not make reading difficult give the customer a pleasant experience.

In terms of the website, the whole concept of design and functionality today is about making it easier for the visitor or customer. Graphics that are distracting or ill-matched with something else are a strict “no-no”. The design element should include a page layout that flows in a manner that allows the user to quickly find the information, product or service they are seeking. Navigation should be intuitive requiring a minimal of clicks to reach the product.

Creative graphic design also needs to take into account the target audience – are they teenagers or senior citizens or a mix?

The team at Marketing Academy also take into account your business brand. Does your business have a colour scheme, does it have a logo, existing brand and so forth. If yes, it will be woven into the design elements if not, you might want to think about creating a brand because it is easier to create a brand at the initial stage than creating one later.

The Marketing Academy team has visual language communication experts that will do all this for you. Together they can create a magical logo and brand colours. They can create packaging and stationery concepts.

Starting with some research and a lot of discussion on ideas and concepts, the visual communication group creates the style concepts and guidelines.

The style concepts and guidelines contain and prescribe the logo usage rules, colour palette, typeface system, layout guidelines and so forth. They exist so there is a broad outline within which they work also so they can create the marketing materials and design collateral that will have a cohesive look. The style concepts and guidelines are the core of the identity design and usually accompany the templates, logo, fonts and other resources packaged together to make branding easier.

The visual language communication team at Marketing Academy can also re-brand your product or service. Over time, there are audience shifts or the market evolves, or the services and products themselves evolve often requiring a re-brand.

Re-branding a product or service can be quite challenging because there is a need to present a new version often without breaking continuity and the customer's familiarity with the previous. This difficulty is not for the faint-hearted and requires a careful scientific but at the same time, 'street smart' approach to re-branding.

Best of all, the team at Marketing Academy are good listeners. They understand that while they might know everything about unique and creative graphic designing and branding, it is their client who knows the product and the target customer best. So they listen to what you have to say and pay heed to your lead. The outcome is nothing short of breathtaking!

Your graphic needs are just a small part of the many things that are possible. Imagine what you need and the team at Marketing Academy can deliver to your specifications be it a website or a custom graphics requirement. This will take your business to the next level. Contact Marketing Academy Group NOW and we will do it for YOU!

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