4 Benefits to Becoming a High Paying Consultant

Do you want to be a consultant or coach but not sure how to go about it? Is your current business not where you would like it to be? Graham Burns understands as he was there to until he got a Consultant. He changed everything in my business that was not working. The team at Marketing Academy Group will do the same for you. They will turn your business from where it is today and take it to the next level.

They will show you how you can not only become a Consultant but become a Consultant that is in high demand and can name there price in less than 90 days.  You do not need a PhD from a university to be a consultant and it is less about your qualifications and all about results. The key to Consulting is to deliver results. The team at Marketing Academy Group has a Consulting Academy where they will DO-IT-FOR-YOU.  They have the proven secrets and have put it into a system for you.  They focus on how to fearlessly access your client's potential value.

When you get the results you can charge according.  Charge to less and your clients will feel that perhaps you are not as good as you claim. Charge more and you are a celebrity – but how much is the right fee? That, and a hundred other questions and more are answered. Graham has priced this service at only $975 per month for this special offer. This is going to be taken down when the next 2 places are filled. You must take action NOW!

Check out this simple 3 step process to see if you qualify for a FREE Strategy Session to grow your business and take advantage of this LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER.

We see lots of middle-aged folks with lots of street-smart knowledge and potential. They often get laid off and find themselves having to start over in a new business. We say to them, rather than be a slave to some business owner, why not work for yourself, be your own boss, keep all the profits and in the process help your clients with your skill and knowledge. What can be more rewarding than seeing that your knowledge and skills benefit your clients. Besides, once the client has benefited from your advice, you will have made a life-long friend.

If you are confident that you have the skill, knowledge and that you are an expert in your field, than you should be a consultant or coach – not an employee. Think about these 4 benefits of this business model.

  • Become Your Own BOSS

When you become your own boss you usually do not need any employees and for that matter, even an office – like most consultants you could work from home. But should you feel the need to hire temporary staff, you could hire virtual staff – they are cheap.

  • Can Travel As Much As You Like

You can travel as often as you like. You also have time on your side. You can manage your time as you like.  This can be beneficial if you need to be flexible with your time. Consultants tend to use the phone and Skype. He will show you how you can maximise your potential in your current business.  He will focus on optimizing your current business to get quick results fast and turn your business around in 90 days or less.

  • Potentially Earn $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year (Or Even More)

This can be achieved by designing a fees model to ensure a sustainable business.  As a consultant, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot deliver of set your fees, never hesitate to bring in a consultant who can deliver. Graham Burns will not only teach you how to manage the fees, but also how you can make a handsome profit. He likes to structure fees on a monthly continuity of only $975 per month for this limited offer.  The yearly plan is a great deal as it gives you 2 months FREE. This is only $9,750 for the year and is limited. Graham can only have a small group of clients as he needs to ensure that they get results fast.

Check out this simple 3 step process to see if you qualify for a FREE Strategy Session to grow your business and take advantage of this LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER.

  • YOU can have a lot of FUN helping other

The main benefit of this business is that you can change people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals.  Some of these clients end up in joint ventures or partnerships. They also become good friends

Graham Burns will ensure you master all the key ingredients to a successful consultancy. Your income will have no limitations. No more salary slips and betters still, no more pink slips – only a growing bank account balance.

Graham Burns personally conducts his consultancy and there are only 2 spots left in the current intake so hurry!

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