Web Development

Marketing Academy Group provides a broad range of website services. We can create anything from the most basic website to the most sophisticated web portals.

Contact us today for:

  • A “small business website” with a few pages to describe your business, product or service.
  • A website to sell a few products or services online.
  • A website to sell hundreds of products online complete with a stock & customer management system.
  • A website to promote an event and requiring a ticket booking engine.
  • A personal or public blogging website.
  • A specialist website that lets customer upload images or photos e.g. a custom T-shirt selling website.
  • Upgrade an existing website (or just help you with something you need done).
  • Maintain an existing website.
  • Incorporate security, https, encryption and encryption into an existing website.
  • Help you with any kind of website...big, small, new, existing … whatever.

At Marketing Academy Group we understand that a successful website is more than just a beautiful design – one the one hand, it is about how everything is put together and made intuitive so your target audience or customer can quickly find whatever it is that they are looking for and; on the other hand, how the website is positioned in the search engines. After all, what use is a website that does not show up in the search results when a customer or target audience is searching for the product or service sold on it?

At Marketing Academy Group we not only deliver the right product i.e. the website, we optionally also ensure it is found easily during a search. This latter service is called SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization and also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Ideally, if you are setting up a new website, you should opt for both - a new website and SEO service.


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